Why Everyone Should Dance Like An Idiot

By Phly Jambor | Posted: July 12, 2010

Embry Dancing Why Everyone Should Dance Like An IdiotSTRESS. . .

We all deal with it every day, all day long. There are more kinds of stress than there are enough names to classify, and we have to handle all of them at one point or another. So the big questions is: What do you do about it?

Stress is a fact of life, and we deal with it in a multitude of ways. We can run from it, hide from it, pretend it is not there, claim we thrive on it or simply just deal with it. It leaves us feeling frazzled, harassed, frustrated, angry, emotionally traumatized and physically depleted, or as my 4 year old likes to say “Grim and Grumpy”. These feeling affect everything in our lives, not just us. Our families, jobs, clients and health are all at risk when our stress levels get too high. So again I’ll ask: What do you do about it?


The first step in dealing with stress is to figure out what exactly is the cause of the stress. Is your boss driving you insane with demands at work? Does your computer send you up the wall by malfunctioning at the most inopportune times? Does your wife/husband want that new iPhone4, that you really can’t afford? Or is it something little? Like your favorite shirt has a hole. Whatever the cause is, it can not be addressed until it is first identified.

Plan Of Attack

Once you identify what the source of your stress is, you need a plan to deal with it. Is it work? Having an honest, open talk with you boss might be the best thing. They might have no idea that what they are doing is causing your stress levels to skyrocket. Or perhaps it’s time to changes job fields if you have been stressed and unhappy for a long time. It is your computer? Toss it out and get a Mac! :) Or at least take it to a Pro and let them look it over. Most Best Buy’s and Office Depot’s have free computer check-ups, and they should be able to help you find what is causing the trouble. Is it money? A financial plan can go a long way toward relieving stress from money issues. Accounting software is cheaper and easier than ever to use, a small investment now might save you thousands later, and give you the chance to plan how to get your other half their iPhone 4.

Plan Of Action

Ok. You have identified the cause of stress, and made your plan of attack, right? Ready, set. . . .GO!. . . Hey! What are you waiting for? Right. Sometimes it’s not so easy to put our plans into action, no matter how much we want to. Enlisting the aid of a spouse, family member, friend or coworker that has your best interest at heart is usually a good idea. They can help you stay up beat and motivated while helping you in dealing with whatever issues crop up.

Keep on Going, no matter what!

Going back to your old bad habits will reintroduce that same stress into you life, so be careful of sliding back into behavioral patterns that can escalate your stress level again. You can do it! Try to view any set backs as climbing stones, once you make it over them the path is so much clearer and you have accomplished something great.

Stress Busters

Here are a few things that when done daily, or at least once in a while, will make your day better, brighter and less stressed!

1. Dance like an idiot. Put on some music you love and just let it all go. If you have small children they will think you are the coolest parent ever.

2. Laugh at something. Look up a ridiculous You Tube video and laugh until your sides hurt.

3. Hug someone. It helps really, just be sure that the person want a hug first. :)

4. Do something nice for someone else. Take two seconds and do something nice, it does not have to be big, just nice.

5. Say something sincerely complimentary to someone. If you like your coworkers shoes, tell them! It makes both of your days better.

6. Play with your kids, or your dog. Or your neighbors kids and dog. Or just go play! (Yes, Wii counts as playing.)

7. Volunteer your time. It can be really hard to find time to do this, but it is well worth the reward.

8. Throw out that old photo. We all have one, that one that we hate but keep because we should. It just makes you up set, so chuck that sucker in the dumpster! You will never miss it.

9. Make new memories. Taking the time to spend with the ones you love is always worth it. You will probably not remember that extra report you did two days from now, but you will always remember the time Jane got a hole in one at Mini Golf and did that crazy victory dance.

10. Be proud of who you are. When you feel like nothing you have done is good enough consider this, you are the only person in the world like you. You are unique, totally, completely and utterly one of a kind. Now that’s an accomplishment, all by itself.

Now go and conquer stress!.. . . Or at least beat it up a bit. ;)



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