Thanks For The Cold!

By Phly Jambor | Posted: June 25, 2010

Tissue boxThanks for the help, but not the cold! I am willing to bet that there has been many a time that we have all wanted to say this to someone. Personally, there are some people that I would like to say that to right now! So instead of just sitting here sipping herbal tea while praying that I don’t actually hack up a lung, and generally feeling sorry for myself, I’m going to help you avoid putting your clients into this and other uncomfortable circumstances.

We all do things that we should probably not, like eating more than one dessert or fibbing about our weight. Usually it’s small things that really do not make too big of a difference in the grand scheme of life. However there are a few things that, while they are usually politely overlooked by clients, should never happen! Here is a short list of the worst offenders, avoid these and your clients will thank you.

Showing A House With A Cold – This is more than bad manners, it a health hazard of epic proportions. Every time you shake hands, touch someone, or something, or even breathe you are spreading you lovely disease laden germs around. You may be taking medicine and using hand sanitizer every five-seconds but you are still able to infect people. Just don’t do it, reschedule the showing or appointment and your clients will be grateful for your thoughtfulness. The same goes for allergies, if you cannot get them under control, reschedule the appointment. No one likes a Realtor with a runny nose that soundsĀ  and looks like death warmed over, wait until you can give your clients your full time and energy.

Eating During A Showing – Unless you are having a business luncheon or dinner with clients you should not be eating anything. There is nothing more disturbing to a client that you traipsing about the house while nibbling on a snack, and having food delivered to you during a showing is a major mistake. Wait until you get back to the office, or at least until you are in the car by yourself. The one exception to this would be a medical emergency, such as if you have massive anemia, diabetes or hyperglycemia, it is much better that you have a quick snack than to risk a blood sugar crash, or heaven forbid, a trip to the hospital. Just be sure to inform your clients of the situation and try to finish quickly eating outside the home.

Having Your Vehicle Look Like A Trash Bin – We have all seen them, and probably had our vehicle look pretty bad as well at some point. But one of the worst client experiences I hear about usually involve a Realtor with an extremely dirty car. There is nothing worse than having to fight for seat space with old fast food bags and candy wrappers. Taking a little time each week to clean out your mode of conveyance can make a world of difference. A weekly vacuum and wash can to wonders for client, and your, morale. Personally I try to take everything with me when I leave the car at the end of the day, that way I’m not cleaning out a huge pile at the end of the week. Also try to keep the vehicle itself in good repair, a seat that is stained beyond belief or a door handle that is missing can be very disconcerting to clients. If you have an interior that you are not particularly proud of or a beloved car that is your baby but a bit scary to newcomers, have clients drive their own vehicles, but if you ever intend on letting them have a seat in yours , take a minute and clean it up first!

Being Chronically Late – I am one of the worst offenders where this little habit in concerned. My mother likes to tell anyone who will listen that I will probably be late for my own funeral, the sad thing is she’s probably right. No one wants to be left standing around waiting for someone, or worse yet stood up altogether! One of the things to try is getting there 15 minutes early, if you run late then you should be on time and if you get there a little early it will give you a chance to look for any problems that might arise. If you know that you are going to be late, give the client a quick call and let them know, they will appreciate it. If for some reason you cannot make the appointment, do not put off calling until the last minute. The earlier you let people know, the better.

These are the big no, no’s, but there are actually many others. Paying attention to common courtesy, and using the brains your parents gave you, should help you avoid most awkward situations. Remember if you would not be comfortable with someone doing something similar while showing you a house, you should not do it either. Now go out there and impress some clients! ;)



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