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By admin | Posted: January 6, 2009

Many of our customers have asked us for a “Hot Sheet” emailed to them.  While we have always offered the ability to see new listings added to our Multi-list system via our Multi-list blogs, “feed my inbox” has come out with a service that will email you the updates every day!  Follow these easy steps to receive new listings in your inbox as they are entered into our system:

Step 1.  Visit the “Feed My Inbox” website located at

Step 2.  Enter in the website you would like to receive updates from (ie: for the Missouri Multi-list type in

feedmyinbox1 271x300 Receive NEW Listing Updates via Email

Step 3.  Select the Real Estate Multi-list Feed and click on the Confirm button.

feedmyinbox2 292x300 Receive NEW Listing Updates via Email

Step 4.  Check your Inbox (Note:  It may end up in your spam folder) for a message from Feed My Inbox with a confirmation link.  Click the confirmation link in the email.

feedmyinbox3 289x300 Receive NEW Listing Updates via Email

Step 5.  Check your inbox tomorrow (Note:  Unless you add “” to your address book, the new listings updates will likely be sent to your spam folder) and you will see ALL of the new listings added to our State Multi-lists.

feedmyinbox4 300x188 Receive NEW Listing Updates via Email

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