Recap on our Stance regarding Search Engine Optimization

By admin | Posted: March 31, 2009

There are several things you can do to boost your search engine placement.  Gone are the days of meta-tags and keywords… as there are more effective things you can do to boost your search engine rankings.  Some of the best things are getting other outside relevant websites to link back to your website, updating your blog on a weekly (daily is better) basis, etc.  Here is an article that was posted in Website Magazine in November 2008, which we are re-posting as a reminder that google made over 450 changes to the way it indexes websites in 2008.

“Matt Cutts and other prominent Google folk recently held a live Q&A session, aimed at addressing important questions from Web professionals. The full discourse is extensive. What follows are some points of interest, including dedciated vs. shared IPs, article directories and 301 redirects. You can see the entire conversation here. I think what’s important to look for, aside from concrete answers, is the tone of the answers. That can give you a good idea of how Google feels “behind the scenes.”

Does getting a lot of comments in a blog help in being well indexed/ranked by Google?

Having a lot of enthusiastic users commenting on your posts and doing so generating content on your site, certainly does not harm your rankings :-) Furthermore, a large fan base gives the webmaster a bit of independence from search engine traffic, which is the reason why generating original and compelling content in order to nurture a group of committed users is something I would highly recommend to any blogger.

How often does your search algorithm change?

We change the algorithms all the time – last year we had over 450 changes.

What weightage is given to the links from social networking sites and blogs?

I would treat social sites and blogs the same as any other site.”

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