Below is a list of the features typically contained in our Agency Success Systems. The list is not necessarily complete as the needs of each customer and area are somewhat different.

These are full custom websites so the look and feel can be just about anything you want. However, they are designed with the features needed to generate more, higher quality leads and to have a more reliable search engine response. We normally include a "Quick Search" on the Home Page with a more detailed search under the "Search Tab".

Agency Success Features:

  • Facebook Pages Widget: Allows "click a link" access to update from blogs and listings.
  • Twitter Stream Widget: Allows "click a link" access to update from blogs and listings.
  • Social Media Share Buttons on each listing.
  • Custom Listing Search with Custom Response and Detail Screens (example) - open listing to see display page.
  • Featured Listing Slideshow.
  • Detailed Agent's Profile.
  • Moving Checklist (example)
  • Custom WordPress Blog with New Listings Update (example)
  • Auto Reply Buyers Guide Request Lead Generation
  • Auto Reply Sellers Guide Request Lead Generation Request
  • CMA Lead Generation
  • Mortgage Calculators
  • Office Location Map with Directions (example)

Community/Local Pages:

Integrated LeadLNK Plus IDX: Having an IDX Search on your new website provides the ability for website visitors to search all listing in your MLS from your website with requests for information on those listings forwarded to you. LeadLNK Plus IDX was designed with many additional advanced lead generation features compared to regular IDX. With IDX service we pull your listings from the MLS data feed and transfer them to our MultiList website for your state for even more lead generation. (may not be available in your area at this time)

Welcome Home Active eZine: We include our "Welcome Home" Active eZine with all new Agency Success websites. This service is an easy way for your agents to keep their name in front of existing clients and anyone they wish to stay in contact with. We can set this up as one issue for the entire agency or a separate issue for each agent. You can learn more at http://www.activeezine.com

Hosting & Email: Websites are hosted on Dell Power Edge Servers located in a professionally operated, secure, temperature controlled environment with multiple gateways to the internet backbone and power redundancy. We offer multiple email addresses at your domain. Our mail can be managed as web mail or POP3 mail.

Missouri Multi-List: Includes the Missouri Multi-list for additional lead generation. (We are in the middle of totally redesigning all of our Multi-List websites.

Below are links to a few Agency Success websites. I have chosen a variety of different looks. The look and feel of some of these sites was specifically requested by the agency. Your website will be custom designed just for you and will look the way you want it to.

If you would like to contact us for more information on an Agency Success site, please click here.